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1.)  Leaving Town
Our last few nights in town were spent living it up with our wonderful friends.
April 30 and May 1, 2003
First Bicycle Tour
Learning the basics of bike touring through the desert of Southern Utah and the mountains of western Colorado.
September 15 to 27, 2002
2.)  Salt Lake to Seattle
We spent a week traveling from Salt Lake City to Seattle, camping, biking and watching baseball.
May 2 to May 8, 2003
3)  Washington to British Columbia
After crossing over to the Olympic Peninsula,
we spent a week in the temperate rainforest.
May 9 to May 14, 2003
4.)  British Columbia to The Yukon
Perfect camp sites, trout fishing, and encounters with bears through British Columbia.
May 15 to May 21, 2003
5.)  On Yukon Time
From gold panning to mountain biking, the Yukon is always an adventure.
May 22 to May 29, 2003
6.)  Arctic Alaska
The 500 mile stretch between Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay brought the extremes of the Arctic Circle - 24 hours of daylight, floods, snow, rugged mountains, abundant wildlife, rolling tundra and the ice-covered Arctic Ocean.
May 30 to June 10, 2003
8.)  Valdez, Alaska
In the midst of continous rain, we explored the Valdez area, both on land and at sea.
June 21 to June 26, 2003
7.)  Central Alaska
Mountains, wildlife, biking, fishing and hiking became even more "wild" in the Denali wilderness.
June 11 to June 20, 2003
9.)  Kenai Peninsula
After picking up our New-York visitors, Gretchen and Cathy, we traversed the Kenai Peninsula for some biking, fireworks, and backpacking.
June 27 to July 9, 2003
11.)  Southeastern Alaska
We spent our last several days in Alaska on the rainy coast of the Southeastern Panhandle exploring Juneau, Skagway and Haines.
July 25 to August 1, 2003
10.)  Kenai Peninsula Revisited
We returned to the Kenai Peninsula to backpack Resurrection Pass, fish for halibut and Silver Salmon in Seward and hike to the top of Exit Glacier.
July 10 to July 24, 2003
1.) Rocky Mountains
The first ten days of our cross-country bicycle tour presented the intimidating task of traversing the Rocky Mountains through Utah, Colorado and Wyoming - where we learned just how much there is to see in first gear.
August 20 to 30, 2003
2.)  The Great Plains
The middle portion of our trip brought us through the wide open spaces of Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri.
August 31 to September 26, 2003
Transcontinental Bicycle Tour:
Photo essay of a 3,200 mile ride from Salt Lake City to Syracuse, New York.
3.)  Eastern United States
Our final stretch took us through a blaze of fall colors in Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and finally, New York.
September 27 to October 22, 2003
Alaskan Road Trip
Photo essay of a 14-week tour of Alaska.
12.) Going Home
Like any adventure, this one eventually came to an end.  Somehow the van actually made it back to Utah, but not without some more memorable moments and defining pictures along the way.
August 2 to August 10, 2003
Payge, Zach, Trevor, and Ethan...