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Cross-country tour statistics
Rocky Mountains
Working our way slowly up to Daniels Summit, our 2nd of 5 major passes of the mountainous west.
The sun sets on our third day of biking near Duchesne, Utah.
Five days down the road brought us to a "not so colorful" corner of Colorado.
For most of our first couple weeks we've had the road to ourselves in the wide open west.
Our third state in just over a week of biking.
Camping at The Little Snake River Musuem in Savery, Wyoming.
We found this picture to be the spookiest we've taken yet.  Pioneer wagon in Savery, Wyoming.
Crossing the Continental Divide between Baggs and Encampment, Wyoming.
Sunset at our first camp east of the Continental Divide.
Biking into a cloud at almost 11,000 feet near Snowy Range Pass above Centennial, Wyoming.
Jill's all smiles as we reach our highest point of the entire trip.  Snowy Range Pass, Wyoming.
Down out of the mountains and onto the Great Plains.  The flat open road will be our view for the next several days.
Opposite this spectacular sunset we found this equally spectacular double rainbow.
Impossible climbs and majestic views dominated the first two weeks of our trip. Getting through the mountains we encountered some harsh weather but also some of the friendliest and most welcoming people you could imagine. Biking on the flat plains will have it's appeal but the fascination and solitude of the mountains will certainly be missed.

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