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Bicycle Touring Articles
Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming

1. The Stages of Bicycle Touring    by Jill Homer
    The first days can be the hardest on a cross-country tour.

2. Coming to Realize the American West    by Geoff Roes
   Childhood images of the West become a reality.

3. Over the Top    by Geoff Roes
   Thoughts on conquering the Continental Divide.
Articles from our transcontinental tour in Fall 2003
Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri

       1. Finding Comfort on the Prairie   by Geoff Roes
           Making adjustments after the sudden disappearance of the mountains.

2. Leaving My Comfort Zone by Jill Homer
    The reasons why we travel on a bike.

3. The Unspoken Divide  by Jill Homer
    Crossing the barrier between West and East