Adventure Stories

Day One
My Definition of Bike Touring
An account of the first day of my first touring trip
September 14, 2002

Day Two
The Bedrock Store, est. 1891
Going through a small Colorado town
September 15, 2002

Day Three
The "Rules" of Bike Touring
Day Three of my first trip.
September 16, 2002

Day Four
So Why Bike?
Musings on an unconventional mode of travel
September 17, 2002

Day Five
Stuck in Telluride
Spending Day Five in Colorado's coolest town.
September 18, 2002

Day Six
Closer to Heaven
Climbing over Lizard Head Pass, Elev. 10,222
September 19, 2002

Day Seven
Leaving Cortez
The simple luxuries of getting away from the city
September 20, 2002

Day Eight
The Rez
Sixty Seven miles through the unavoidable
September 21, 2002

Day Nine
Roadies vs. Tourers
Getting away from the pack
September 22, 2002

Day Ten
The Uphill Battle
Getting up the real hills
September 23, 2002

Day Eleven
The Art of Camping in a Ditch
Making the most of anywhere you stay
September 24, 2002

Day Twelve
The Bare Necessities
What to take on a bike trip
September 25, 2002

Day Thirteen
Pure Will
Why some cyclists go forever
September 26, 2002

Day Fourteen
The Last Day
And the beginning of a new adventure
September 27, 2002

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