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Beautiful Cage
Buckskin Gulch to Paria Canyon
by Jill Homer

We planned a short overnight trip through one of the world's longest continuous slot canyons. We got a little more than we bargained for.

Southwestern Utah, May 2001
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Disneyland for Hikers
Lone Pine to Mt. Whitney, Calif.
by Jill Homer

Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the lower 48 United States at 14,496 ft. elevation.

California, August 2001
Buckskin Gulch, Southwestern Utah
Quandry Canyon, San Rafael Swell
Spring Splendor
Sundance Trail to Dark Canyon
by Geoff Roes

Dark Canyon stretches on for over 40 miles through southern Utah canyon country

Southern Utah, April 2003
A Place To Yourself
Swett Canyon
by Geoff Roes

More often than not you'll have this beautiful Canyon all to yourself.

Southern Utah, March 2004
Swett Canyon, South Central Utah
A Winter Getaway
Bear River Yurts
by Geoff Roes

Reserve a Yurt months ahead if you hope to get a weekend date at this popular location.

Uinta Mountains, Winter 2004