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An Autumn Bicycle Tour Across America
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Hi. My name is Jill, and I’m a cyclist.
Two years ago, my greatest cycling feat to date was a 13-mile jaunt on a single-speed banana seat Huffy along the Jordan River Corridor. In Fall 2003, I completed a 3,200 mile fully-loaded independent bicycle tour from Salt Lake City, Utah to Syracuse, New York.
It has been a trip of discovery.
This is Geoff. He likes fat tires and biking in streams, but, like me, he loves the coasting freedom of self-supported touring.
The story of our two-month tour
begins on a hot August day in Utah
and progresses along the remote and breathtakingly scenic roads of America.
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Photo Archive
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About Jill
First Bike Tour
Along the way we discovered the joy, beauty pain, frustration, individuality, connectedness and adventure of the open road.
We updated this web site with a journal of our experience, and included photographs, along with reflections and suggestions for loaded long-distance touring.

Through these pages we hoped to form a picture of what it is like to cross the country on a bicycle. The "Journal Archive" contains a backlog of journal entries posted along the road. Check out the "Bike Touring Articles" page for in-depth stories about our trip. The "Photo Archive" page contains the photo essays of our transcontinental tour. The "About the Trip"page shows a map of our route, along with our daily mileage, camp spots and weather. Our cross-country tour may be over but the adventure isn't. Click on "Current Postings" to read the weblog of where we are now.

This web site is also home to our past adventures. “Road Trip” is the story of our summer-long travels throughout the sunlit wilderness of Alaska in a custom Ford van. “Whitewater” is the story of a 45-day rafting trip down the Green and Colorado rivers and “Backpacking” details several amazing overnight hiking trails in the American West. Also read about our first bicycle tour, a 600 mile loop through the redrock desert and towering mountains of Utah and Colorado in September 2002.
About the Trip
The Stages of Bicycle Touring
Long-distance riding is
a progression of steps.
A Realization of the American West
Childhood images of America become a reality.
Over the Top
Exhausted cyclists find joy in conquering the Continental Divide.
Finding Comfort
on the Prairie
Adjusting to the ever-changing landscape.
Leaving My Comfort Zone
The reasons why cycle tourists travel by bike.
Unspoken Divide
At 10 mph, the country becomes enormous.
A Definition
Bicycle touring is everyting but a once-in-
a-lifetime experience.
"Rules" of Touring
A few things for bike-packers to remember.
Why Bike?
Musings on an unconventioneal
mode of travel.
Leaving Cortez
Simple luxuries of getting away from the city.
Art of Camping
in a Ditch
Making the most of where you stay.
Getting Away from the Pack
The difference between road bikers and tourists.
The Bare Necessities
What to take on a long-distance bike tour.
Pure Will
Why  cycle tourists
can keep on riding.
The Wasteland
Take a ride through
an urban ghost town.