Adventure Links
"Biking across the United States"
Good tips and a travelogue The "stupid road signs" page is worth the stop.
"The Slow Lane"
More photos than you can even imagine! Plus, good short stories.
"Inner Asia Expedition"
A 10,000 km trip through Asia. The photos and descriptions will blow you away.

"Ken Kifer's bike pages"
Ken Kifer's web site convinced me to go on my first bike tour.
"Out there living"
A wealth of stories about Caryl and Brian's trip around the world.
"LA 2 JAX"
The account of a nine-year-old and his dad crossing the country on bicycles.
"Human Powered"
Another great resource for the bicycle tourist
"Tour Tales"
Bicycle touring stories and information
"Adam K's Cycling Site"
A great page for bicycle enthusiasts.
"Trek Share"
Share your own adventures online with this travelers' resource
"Bicycle Touring Stories"
A great collection of bicycle narritives; includes a Colorado tour.
"Personal Web Site Directory"
An all-inclusive directory of personal web sites.
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These cycling web sites are worth checking out
Hundreds of links for long-distance bikers.
"Down The Road"
An ongoing account of a couple's travels around the world.
"Bicycle Fish"
Another great resource with links to other sites.
"Networked Tour Report"
A lot of people travel by bike. This site wants to tell you who these people are.
"Crazy Guy On A Bike"
A place to read dozens of bicycle tour journals.
"David's Cross-Country Tour"
After losing his job, David Moretz decides to do something more interesting.
"Adventure Cycling Association"
Adeventure Cycling is the leading provider of long-distance cycling maps.
"Mike Vermeulen Tours"
A chronicle of dozens of tours around the world.
"Mountainbike Expedition Team"
Mountain bike tours in remote areas of the world.