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Road Trip. It’s a simple idea. Throw a few sleeping bags and cans of tuna in the back seat of a car, fill up the gas tank, and just go. Keep going. Go until the unfamiliar becomes familiar. Go until restlessness becomes comfort. Go until the unknown becomes routine. Ride for a while. Press your cheeks against a cold window, fix your gaze on the star-soaked sky, and drift to sleep as the world rolls effortlessly alongside.

This web site is the story a road trip, which followed the Summer of 2003 through British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska. For 14 weeks, four people traversed the most remote sections of North America in a custom Ford Van, mountain biking the muddy trails, backpacking into the wilderness, fishing the raging streams, and exploring the “other” towns, the ones that get overlooked by guide books. This web site details our Alaska travels from May 1 to August 12, 2003. A detailed journal and photos bring the rolling adventure to life. Click on "journal archive" for a backlog of journal entries, or click on "photo archive" to see photos of everything from grizzly bears to glaciers.

The adventure continues across America as we pedal from Salt Lake to Syracuse, New York on touring bicycles in Fall 2003. Click on "current postings" to see where we are now. The journal archive includes a backlog of articles detailing past adventures, including a 600-mile bicycle ride through southern Utah and Colorado, and a 45-day rafting trip down the Green River. If you enjoy reading these articles and support our goal to advocate adventure travel and self-discovery, please visit the Support on the Road page, with links to great gear and other opportunities to extend a hand.

Enjoy the articles and photos, and share the adventure!
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Morning at Fort Seward in Haines, Alaska