Support on the Road
The problem with taking up bike touring as a temporary proffession is that it doesn’t pay much. We're resourceful people, willing to live as modestly as we can. But in the end something has to fund the beans and rice. So, we have to look toward the generosity of others.

If you are willing to spare a few bucks or a warm shower to help us along the way, there a several ways you can help.

1.) Donate Online
   You can donate any amount you wish over $1 through the "make a donation" link on this page. This link will lead you to our paypal account, which accepts all major credit cards. PayPal is a safe and secure web site. Any donations will be used to purchase food, gear, repairs and basic neccessities along the transcontinental tour. 
   Also, it will help us maintain and update this web site throughout the trip, which will include regular postings and photos. I think of it as something along the lines of paying for a magazine subscription or donating to PBS or a community radio station. If you enjoy something and would like to support its survival, why not?

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2.) Click Through and Shop!
   Thinking about buying a new sleeping bag? Need a new seat for your mountain bike? Click through one of the sites on this page and check out the merchandise. If you end up buying something, we get a small percentage of the profits. 

3.) E-mail Us
   This being our first big trip, we could use some words of encouragement from time to time. E-mail us and let us know who you are and what advice you have for us. If you have warm showers or little spot in your front yard to pitch a tent, let us know where you live. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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4.) Tell a Friend About This Site
   So maybe you have a friend who would like to read about bicycle touring, needs a new crank for their roadie, and has that few bucks to spare that you don't have. Tell them about this site.The more we get the word out the better. 

Tell a friend about this page
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