Jill Homer is a Rocky Mountain-based writer and designer. She has swept the professional spectrum as a reporter, editor, layout artist, graphic designer, and even prepress operator. Jill likes to think of her career as self-sustaining. In theory, she could cover a story at 7 p.m., write it, edit it, drum up some graphics, slap them together and have the whole jumble on the press by 11. Her employers are probably thankful she has never actually tried that.

She discovered her passion for publishing in the sixth grade when she created, xeroxed and subsequently sold over 300 copies of her signature “Where’s Spot” puzzle book. She now admits it was shameless exploitation of the “Where's Waldo” craze of late 1980s. Still, the seeds of journalism had been planted. Over the years she has built a solid background in feature, travel and business writing.

Her interests lie largely in punishing outdoor pursuits — namely, backpacking, peak bagging, and long-distance bicycle touring. She has written about exploring Alaska’s Brooks Range on foot, taking an unexpected swim in the Colorado River, biking across America, and outrunning a rainstorm in a flash flood-prone slot canyon. Her specialty is “life-threatening adventures on a budget.”

She currently lives in Tooele, Utah and proudly drives an nine year old Geo. And, no, she does not have a novel in the works.

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