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Leaving Town
Jen, Monika, Jill and Katie gear up for one more 80s night
Bryan, Magali and Geoff hang out in the closet loft
Powerpuff Katie puts on the moves
Chris does his best hangman impression
Mark and Anna living it up on the East side
Hangin Tough with Magali
Geoff as a Ninja Turtle
Jen dressed like Oozie in "The Royal Tennenbaums"
The nights of April 30 and May 1, 2003 hit us with the harsh reality that in a few days we would become homeless and relatively friendless. So our last nights in town we had to live it up with the gang. We got gussied up to go 80s dancing at Area 51 and spent most of the next night holed up in our house with good friends. Crazyhouse gave us an appropriate send off and we reciprocated with two nights of sleepless merriment. The following is a photo essay of our last nights in Salt Lake City.