Directions to Sundance Trailhead:

From Utah Hwy 95, turn north on gravel road @ milepost 49 (1.4 miles east of Colorado River Bridge).  Continue 4.1 miles and branch left on Rt. 2081 at Y junction.  2.5 miles further follow curve to left, ignoring road straight ahead.  Branch right at Y junction .7 miles past this.  Veer left .3 miles further, onto Rt. 256.  In .9 miles stay to the left, remaining on Rt. 256.  Turn left 2.3 miles past this and follow this road down to the trailhead in .2 miles. 

11 miles of gravel road, but all accessible to 2WD cars when dry.  If it’s supposed to rain pack some extra food because you might be spending a few days in there.