Utah Map:
Our route shown in 
Red starting at Flaming Gorge Dam and ending at Lake Powell
Total length:  451 miles  (approximately 128 miles of rapids and 323 miles of flat water)
Start: Seven miles south of Flaming Gorge Dam on the Green River at Little Hole boat ramp
Finish:  Hite Marina, north end of Lake Powell  (Colorado River)

Total time:
  45 days
Launch date:  5-10-02
Take out:  6-23-02 

Boats:  (2) Riken 14’ self-bailing rafts, 1 whitewater canoe, and 1 whitewater kayak 
       (canoe and kayak only in Desolation and Gray Canyons)

Participants:  (14 total)
Flaming Gorge to Gates of Lodore (3 days):  Chris, Jen, Geoff
Gates of Lodore to Split Mountain (5 days):  Chris, Jen, Geoff, 
Anna, Raf, Mike
Split Mountain to Jensen (2 days):  Chris, Jen
Jensen to Sand Wash (10 days):  Chris, Jen, Geoff
Sand Wash to Nefertiti Boat Ramp (8 days):  Chris, Jen, Geoff, 
Bryan, Nykole,  Monika, April
Nefertiti to Swasey's Boat Ramp (1 day):  Chris, Jen, Geoff, Monika,
April, Jill, Craig, Gretchen, Sara
Swasey’s to Green River State Park (1 day):  Jen, Geoff, Monika, 
April, Jill, Gretchen, Sara
Green River State Park to Hite Marina (15 days):  Chris, Jen, Geoff, 
Bryan, Nykole, Gretchen, Sara

For a more detailed account of our journey, visit the journal page.

Our Trip: