Weekend Project

I put together a new bike this weekend.

I still have some cable-routing problems to solve, and some fine-tuning to do, but I think this will be a pretty nice bike.

14 thoughts on “Weekend Project

  1. Yep, it’s an XL-FDD up front and an XL-RD5(W) in the back.

    I’ll probably post a build list at some point, just I have it writen down someplace.

  2. It’s a Brooks B.190. I got mine from Wallingford.

    It’s extremely comfortable. You definitely float over the potholes and bumps and whatnot. The extra fat tires help give some added cush, too.

    The saddle is heavy. I think it weighs 4 pounds by itself, but this bike is obviously not built for speed :-)

  3. Nice looking bike! Just checked out your blog; I love it! I couldn’t find any contact info. I was curious if you accept any ads or sponsorships at all on your blog. My name is Chuck, and I represent Biking.com. We would love to sponsor your great blog. Please let me know if you have anything available.


  4. I have a question for you on your XL-RD5(W). I am rebuilding a single speed Ice cream Trike and wanted a multi speed replacement hub. All 3 wheels are 26 inch tires and it only has a coaster brake. You think this 5 speed SA with drum brake would improve the performance?


  5. Issac,
    How much does your ice cream trike weigh? I’ve never used a coaster brake before, but I think the 90mm drums work pretty well, actually.

    It looks like WorkCycles specs internal hub gears on their vending trikes, so it would probably work.

    I’m not sure how useful the higher gears would be, though, unless you want to go really fast.

  6. Nice bike, I’ve just made my wheel with the Sturmey Archer XL-RD5(W) hub and seem unable to fit it with the lock washers supplied so that I can connect the brake lever to the lower chainstay. I have semi- horizontal dropouts (pretty standard) but the technical instructions all seem to relate to track style dropouts. I think shimano lock washers may be an acceptable substitute but could you let me know if you had any problems? I apologise in advance if there is a very simple solution that I am missing.

  7. Mike, I think you jusst need to loosed up the bolts that hold the wheel in the drop outs a bit. The brake reaction arm should be able to be positioned in any arbitrary angle with regard to the dropouts. I have mine mounted on a semi-horizontal drop out with no problem.

  8. Thanks Adam, the brake reaction arm is now correctly aligned and my suspicion of there being a simple solution to the problem proved correct. Now I can move onto the chainline! I think a new BB and shiny crankset will be needed. Thanks again.

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