Bike Shop(s) for Sale

If any of you want to live out your Yehuda Moon fantasy, I heard this weekend that Big Earl’s bike shop in Mifflinburg is for sale.

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The shop has two locations, one on either end of the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail. The eastern location is about 3 blocks away from BikePA route V. The BVRT is scheduled to open in November 2011, so there’s potential for even more business in the not too distant future.

Big Earl’s is run by a Mennonite family, and the story I heard is that they have so much business, running the shop is starting to interfere with their agricultural activities, and so they want to sell it, so they can focus on farming.

You’d probably have a steady business of both the local Amish/Mennonite cyclists I talked about yesterday, and college students from Bucknell.

The only real competition would be Campus Cycles in Lewisburg, and anyone who’s had the… ahem… pleasure of dealing with them knows they wouldn’t be much competition at all.

I don’t have an entrepreneurial bone in my entire body. Otherwise, I’d consider buying it myself.

Anyhow, just thought I’d put the word out.

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