Monthly Archives: March 2006


I haven’t posted lately, because I’ve been busy doing nothing. I’m in an end-of-winter funk where I really don’t feel like doing much of anything. I haven’t been on my bike in a couple of weeks. If I don’t start riding soon, I’m going to have to buy bigger pants. I did finally take the studded tires off the diamondback, so I’d be all ready to roll, if only I had the motivation to get off my ass.I have half a mind to call up Jim and order up some moustache bars for it too. I think I’m going to be doing more of my riding on forestry roads, becuase dealing with asshole yuppie traffic is becoming damaging to my calm.

A combination of the aforementioned winter funk, and a severe case of burnout has me semi-seriously considering moving home and growing potatos for a living.

I was up home yesterday talking to Klinutus about various things, mainly how much we are both in love with Jill, but also about bicycles and kayaks and canoes and outdoorsiness in general, and how the odds of landing a worthwhile IT gig in the middle of nowhere upstate Pennsylvania farmland are pretty slim.

If I could find such a gig, I would have easy access to some of the finest hot dogs in the world. I don’t care where you live, it’s worth the trip to Byerly’s for fiesta dogs. Half pound hot dogs with cheese and jalepeno peppers inside, made from scratch, on premises, with no bullshit or exotic chemistry to worry about.

I would also be within spitting distance of the Tiadaghton, and Bald Eagle state forests, where I have it on good authority, the Ents and the wood elves still make thier homes.

The middle-way is something I’ve tried before; living in my homeland and making the 90 minute (each way, by car) commute to Harrisburg. The last time I tried this, I quite nearly lost my mind, but that was in the days before Podcasts. So, while it might not destroy my brain, I would lose all my environmental street cred.

Maybe future research will provide a nuclear-powered stokemonkey to resolve this dilemma.

In the meanwhile, if any of you know of an organization in the greater Williamsport area who is in need of an exceptionally geeky systems administrator, by all means, please let me know.

Fallen Warrior

About three and a half years ago, Brandi went to Walmart and liberated a Betta fish from his tiny little dixie-cup prison.We named him François, and he has lived with us ever since. Over his long life, he developed a passion for Opera, and an deep mistrust of cats.

Sadly, the Valkries came this afternoon to call François to a higher purpose. He has crossed the rainbow bridge and is now doing glorious battle in Vallhalla with all the other fallen warriors from history.

Services for François will be held in the bathroom in about 15 minutes. We will by playing his favourite opera at full volume, and the neighbors can suck it.

He is survived by two humans, two cats, and a community tank of four Tetras and two Tiger Barbs.

In lieu of flowers, you may wish to make a gift to the Nature Conservancy, which was François’ favourite charity.