About this Site
Our's is a road
      that is strewn  
   with goodbyes.
As it all unfolds,
    As it all unwinds,
Remember your soul
     is the one thing
  you can't compromise,
Step out of the shadows,
     We're gonna go
       where we can shine
These days, it’s hard to tell where print ends and cyberspace begins. Magazines have web site and eZines publish newsletters. Words are thrown through the air with no relevance in space and time. They clog up the Internet until it’s impossible to decide what to read.

But at the same time, the Internet opens doors for those of us who call ourselves Journalists, but never take the time to chronicle the things that really matter to us. “Shine" is just that, a detailed and sometimes introspective account of adventure and discovery.

This web site chronicles a series of travels in North America. As time moves forward the content of “Shine” will continue to unravel.
Road Trip is the story of four people hitting the Canadian backroads with an early-90s custom Ford Van in a effort to drive from Salt Lake City to Alaska and back in just over three months. Bicycle Tour follows a cross-country tour from Salt Lake City, Utah to Syracuse, New York in Fall 2003. Whitewater follows a 45-day rafting trip along the Green River - from Flaming Gorge to Lake Powell, from the serene flatlands of Uinta Basin to the raging rapids of Cataract Canyon. Backpacking is a collection of stories and information about long-distance hiking trips. Each of these sections encompasses the ultimate purpose of this site – to depict the unparalleled experience and beauty of travel along paths less taken.

So take the time to peruse the site, share the experiences, and maybe even find the inspiration to venture out yourself. Within each article there are helpful and sometimes humorous tips, insights and information for anyone who has ever considered throwing caution to the wind and hitting the open road with little more than a backpack and a lot of optimism. Explore, and find the places where you can shine.
Jill Homer: Webmaster/Publisher